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Compression Stockings in Las Vegas, NV

Compression stockings are used to support the muscles of the calf in circulating blood and lymph fluid through the legs. These stockings or hose are usually made of elastic or rubber fibers that aid in compressing the leg.

Compression stockings have a graduated compression with maximum compression at the ankle and decreasing up the leg.  There are different types of compression available in these stockings, so be sure to check with your doctor about which level of compression would be best for you.

About Allure Cosmetic Laser Center

Finding reliable vein care in Las Vegas is easy with Allure Cosmetic Laser Center.  A fine team of educated and experienced health care providers and doctors are fit to offer the latest in varicose and spider veins treatment.  Offering sclerotherapy, varicose vein surgery, and the latest in technology for comfort and delivery time, makes this clinic an excellent choice for anyone seeking Las Vegas varicose veins treatment.  Due to the unsightliness and pain associated with veins, it is important to find a Las Vegas vein clinic to keep your health and skin care in mind.  This vein clinic Las Vegas offers in addition to vein care, a whole line of skin care options also, for those seeking both types of treatments. 


Since varicose veins and spider veins can be treated at this Las Vegas varicose veins clinic, a Las Vegas vein doctor can also offer you skin car options that may help with other symptoms associated with spider veins.  Aging can affect the skin in different ways and patients that find spider veins on the face and hands, and other areas most often exposed, may find this vein center Las Vegas to be just what they are looking for.  Vein care and skin care can go hand in hand, and this clinic understands this fact, offering treatment spider veins and skin rejuvenation options to all patients within Nevada or those visiting the lovely city of Las Vegas.